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Where to Meet Girls

It can be daunting for a lot of young men to figure out where to meet girls.

Meeting girls at parties and clubs could be challenging for several factors. For instance, they may not be interested in giving out their real numbers or seem to be more engrossed in their friends’ conversations than potential suitors’ pick-up lines. And why should they not be?

An increasing number of females are actually indicating that they do not go to clubs or similar venues to meet men. In fact some of them are uninterested in meeting men at such places since they rather have fun with their friends. However, do not despair. There are alternative places where to meet girls who might be interested in dating or looking for someone like you. Below are four of the best places to meet girls.

Department Store

The first place where to meet girls is the female apparel section of a department store (or any other clothing store in the mall). Several girls actually find it cute when a guy comes in looking faintly lost amidst the sea of female clothing and items. Most of these women are not averse to helping out if you approach them and ask for assistance. What you have to do is pretend—or skip the pretence, even, and actually do it—that you are buying a gift for your sister or your mother. This shall earn you brownie points since most girls love a man who cares for the female members of his family.

Dance Classes

Another place to visit is your local dance class studio. A lot of women love a man who can dance. Why else do you think Swayze and Travolta became so famous back then? This is a perfect place to meet girls since you get to dance with them in class and attend dancing events with them. Many of the class participants will attend dancing events throughout the city. Thus, you can use your female classmates to meet other women who attend these events; since some women may find you more attractive if they think you are taken.

Local Bookstore and Café

Another great place where to meet girls is the local bookstore. Many girls actually have a habit of checking bookstores. Likewise, you can go and talk to girls about the books they seem to be browsing; especially if you are familiar with these topics. Just make sure not to be too quick to critique a book a girl is looking over; no matter how silly the book might seem to you.

Finally, one of the best answers to where to meet girls is the local café. Yes, you can just mosey over to the coffee shop and bring a book and/or your laptop. You can initiate a casual conversation with the girl sitting at the table next to yours or even ask a girl if you can sit with her if there are no other chairs available.

Other places you can visit to meet girls is the library at your university, the local aerobics or yoga studio, or even a poetry club. Use your creativity and think of other places where to meet girls such as the grocery store and so on. login
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