There’s no man made sex Adam4Adamn manual as such through which one could learn all the intricacies of gay men sex, and a couple would find their own ways for pleasure reaching at its best. By watching gay sex movies, browsing through gay sex pictures on the internet or even listening to some gay sex stories you may get some real cool ideas on how to surprise as satisfyingly your partner in bed. However, there are some basic tips that may be very helpful to start out.

Gay anal sex – that is average as far as sexual practice goes for most gay men. However, care is required seeing that, biologically speaking, the anus is not designed to lodge in incoming phallus. When engaging in gay anal sex to be all but for safer sex surely prevents acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Use a good water-based lubricant to ease penetration and make anal intercourse more comfortable. Finding a good position for gay anal sex, where both sex partners would feel at ease.

Oral sex – nearly all of the gay sex Adam4Adamn stories we hear begin with the good old oral sex. This is quite instinctive a practice, where absolutely no recipe there is. You should use your hands, lips, tongue and even tooth (but carefully!) to make oral sex one of the most pleasurable practices. The good part of the boy-to-boy play is that you know exactly what it feels like (at least for you) so apply your “experience” to satisfy your partner’s. Watching some gay sex movies is as good a way as interesting idea.

Mutual masturbation -could be more fun than most ever wondered. Mutual masturbation sometimes ignored as the gay men sex practice, since no penetration is involved. There might be a wonderful option to spend some time hugging and kissing. Again, use your experience in masturbation for yourself and try special techniques or something fanciful.

Dry humping – such a great idea if you find difficult to perform gay anal sex positions placing you and your partner face-to-face or else. You may simulate penetration by placing your penis between his legs tighten together (it would be wise to smear lubricant and then some), kissing and eye contact being essential here.

With basics on gay sex well mastered, you are now ready for a gay sex chat room and find that special someone applying and developing new techniques. Enjoy!

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